Monday, August 27, 2007

Excellent article!!

Rachel of Threebies Knits recently wrote an article about why knitted items (in particular diapering wool) cost so much; it's a must-read for anyone who buys diapering wool!! Here's a link; I'm going to add it to my links on the sidebar, as well. Thanks again for writing this, Rachel!

FFOs!! (FINALLY finished objects, LOL!)

Well, it's been awhile! I've finished two pairs of newborn longies, a soaker, and a big pair of longies (for a surprise longie swap) since I posted last! Still working on a few things, too, including the first pair of mama-knitted longies for Logan! Anyhow, on to the FFO pics, LOL!! The newborn longies are out of Aquarium (the lavender pair) and Colibri II single-ply purewool. The soaker is HPY Ejido, and the big longies are out of 3-ply purewool in the Harvest colorway by Better Bums (on Hyenacart). I've got some truly lovely yarn (including Matvey the Cat from Dashing Dachs, and Little Wolf from Selah) that I'm just itching to cast on, but I've got a pair of longies for another trade that I need to finish first. I'm getting an awesome purse & wallet from a DS mama; she has an etsy cart, too (that*darn*kat). Katie does beautiful work; I can't wait to complete this trade!! My bag & wallet are made from the Koto print by Alexander Henry (and some other coordinating prints); I'll be sure to post pics when the trade's done!! Woo hoo!!