Saturday, September 12, 2009

bumGenius Contest!

Cloth Diaper Tips is running a contest right now where you can win *6* bumGenius 3.0 one size all in ones! Go here and check it out...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I'm Working On Wednesday!

Today, I'm working on a couple of things. I resized this bracelet that was purchased by my friend & congomate, Tabetha, yesterday at our stocking...

I'm finishing up this pair of capris for Shannon's little girlie, Khloe...

I'm also starting a soaker for my little girlie, Jessie, to match some t-shirts from The Cherub's Closet on Hyenacart (check it out; Ula's awesome!), but don't have WIP pics of it yet.

Oh, and I'm casting on a NB/Small pair of longies for Meghann's coming babe, in trade for some yummy-scrummy SeaWool sock yarn. Can't wait to see how this yarn (WWBN Dragonfly in Amber-one of my favorite colorways ever) works up!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whew, what a month...

I am GLAD February is over. It was full of sickness & yuck for us! Normalcy is a good is healthy children! I am back on track now for getting customs done.

And a happy announcement! I have been invited to join the ladies at Tiny Lady Cooperative on Hyenacart! Sympatico is kind of on hiatus right now, so you can see me actively listing items (jewels, knitting, etc.) at TLC on the first and third Tuesdays of every month! Check it out sometime soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing catchup!

Baby girl is here! Jessie Mae was born on November 25th, and is the princess of the household; her brothers love her like crazy! She likes to nurse ALL day long, so knitting is slower right now. I have updated my customs list to the left, though.

If you have not heard/read about the Consumer Products Safety Information Act, find out; it affects every WAHM or small business owner you know who sells items for children 12 and under. Our whole crunchy way of life-cloth diapering, WAHM-made clothing and woolies-is in jeopardy! I am praying this new law eventually exempts WAHMs; write your congressman/congresswoman and help us take action!! You can read about the law here...

And read about its implications here:

Write your representative here:

Let your voice be heard; we must make these lawmakers realize that the small business world is going to feel a huge impact from this!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Forever ago...

...I posted about having the stomach flu, and about being sick. Well, it escalated from there...with morning sickness! We found out the first week of April that we're adding to our family! And they are about 85% sure it's a little GIRL this time! My boys are very excited.

Ethan just turned 10, Logan is getting ready to turn two, and Andy will be 6 in October. The bigger two start school day-after-tomorrow, and they are VERY excited. Apparently they were bored all summer; I guess that's what happens when it's too hot to even breathe outside, LOL.

During the first part of my pregnancy, knitting gave me motion sickness (of all the crazy things!!). Now, though, I'm moving along pretty well; I'm including pics of different things that have been completed in recent months. Hopefully I can get back on track with the blog, and keep everyone updated like normal!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still more sickness...

If you are a customer, please bear with me as I get back on track. Everyone here has had the stomach flu (except for my husband, who so far has remained healthy). It is just now cycling through the last of us (namely me), so things are slowly coming back to normal as far as knitting goes. I'm about 1.5-2 weeks behind on the timeline I set forth for myself, so for that, I apologize. I'll be bumping everybody's shipping (included in the prices we've discussed, if we've discussed them already) to priority.

Thanks for understanding, and hooray for spring...may it bring less germs and better health to our household and yours!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sick, sick, sick...

Everyone's been sick; me, my middle son, my youngest...ear infections, bad colds, stomach stuff, you name it. Apparently we can't all be well at the same time; right as Logan (the babe) is recovering from an ear infection, I've got stomach stuff back again. I will be so glad when Spring gets here...

In other news, my husband's grandmother had a stroke on Saturday morning. The prognosis is shakey, at best, so any prayers, positive thoughts, or healing vibes you could send our way would be greatly appreciated!