Monday, August 4, 2008

Forever ago...

...I posted about having the stomach flu, and about being sick. Well, it escalated from there...with morning sickness! We found out the first week of April that we're adding to our family! And they are about 85% sure it's a little GIRL this time! My boys are very excited.

Ethan just turned 10, Logan is getting ready to turn two, and Andy will be 6 in October. The bigger two start school day-after-tomorrow, and they are VERY excited. Apparently they were bored all summer; I guess that's what happens when it's too hot to even breathe outside, LOL.

During the first part of my pregnancy, knitting gave me motion sickness (of all the crazy things!!). Now, though, I'm moving along pretty well; I'm including pics of different things that have been completed in recent months. Hopefully I can get back on track with the blog, and keep everyone updated like normal!


Ozark Momma said...

Congrats Steph!

Now if only I had some sweet girly yarn to get rid of, lol.

The Eco-Chic Baby said...

Hi Stephanie,

I recently bought some longies off a mama and I have no idea who the knitter is. Someone I know had an inkling that it might be you, but we weren't sure. I am not sure how to send pictures on here, but can you please email me @ and then I can send on through there. Thank you so much