Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing catchup!

Baby girl is here! Jessie Mae was born on November 25th, and is the princess of the household; her brothers love her like crazy! She likes to nurse ALL day long, so knitting is slower right now. I have updated my customs list to the left, though.

If you have not heard/read about the Consumer Products Safety Information Act, find out; it affects every WAHM or small business owner you know who sells items for children 12 and under. Our whole crunchy way of life-cloth diapering, WAHM-made clothing and woolies-is in jeopardy! I am praying this new law eventually exempts WAHMs; write your congressman/congresswoman and help us take action!! You can read about the law here...

And read about its implications here:

Write your representative here:

Let your voice be heard; we must make these lawmakers realize that the small business world is going to feel a huge impact from this!

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