Friday, July 6, 2007

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...

My Koolaid-dyed shorties are done!! After posting on DS for help naming, I got lots of good suggestions (Dr. Seuss, Poppies on the Mountain, Popsicle). One of the kind ladies there, after seeing the shorties, posted the above here they are!

The drawstring's a tad bit short, but I wanted to make it three strands and use the red yarn I had leftover. I didn't dye enough of the red for trim (and subsequent attempts to match it failed), so I did a thin (two rows) red stripe on each leg before the cuff. Now I'm thinking I should've just left well enough alone, because I think it makes them look a tad bit girly (along with the kind of flare to the leg-used a much bigger needle for castoff because mine is always so tight, and should've used maybe a size smaller, LOL). And my seedstitch cuff is a bit wonky in places. ANYHOW...I like how the colors turned out; they're very bright and vibrant, and summery and fun!

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