Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yarn Bliss!!

Okay, so this knitting thing is really starting to grow on me. Despite the fact that I had to frog an almost-complete soaker that was knit flat (because I ended up not having enough yarn), and that too much knitting makes my hands go numb, it is incredibly addictive. I find myself dreaming about yarn; I take it in the car when I have to pick up my oldest son. And now, according to my 4 year old son, everything is knitting. We were reading Fox in Socks last night, and got to the part where Sue is sewing Slow Joe Crow's clothes (and vice versa), and he looks at the needles they're using and says, "Look, mom, they're knitting the clothes!" Even when I'm crocheting instead, to him, I'm always knitting.

Upon our trip day before yesterday to our local yarn store,, my oldest was totally incredulous that we were there yet again. He says, "What are we doing here AGAIN? Are you like a member or something?" I giggled all the way into the store! It is a cool place; who wouldn't want to be a member of a yarn store, I ask you?

So yesterday, I had a tangled mess of yarn. Zenstring yarn, to be exact (Living Light colorway). I was sick about it, but FINALLY got it untangled. Then in the mail, I got a new skein of yarn; Fangorn Forest from Dyeing to Fly. Oh, my is so beautiful!! And it's on 3-ply merino, so it's super-butter-soft. I had to abandon everything else, ball it up by hand (I have no ball winder, boo hiss), and cast on for a pair of shorties last night. I couldn't resist!! Look above at this yummy stuff...

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