Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Koolaid Dyeing: A lesson learned!

Okay, so I had my first Koolaid dyeing experience. What fun!! I decided to dye the yarn orange, purple, and lime green (with orange, grape, and lemon-lime Koolaid). I had lovely soft 3-ply Purewool in natural, and skeined it up (it had been wound). My first mistake was skeining it too small; I should've made the loop much bigger, so the yarn wasn't right on top of itself come dyeing time. But I digress...

I soaked the yarn (water & vinegar), drained it, and started. By the time I was done, my hands were a mish-mash of orange, green, and brown (apparently what you get when you mix the first two colors with grape, LOL), and my yarn was somewhat like I had wanted. The colors ran a bit more than I'd've liked, and I was aiming originally at natural spots in between the colors, but this'll do. It knits up neat, at any rate!! Andy, my 4 year old, says he likes the colors, but not the smell. :)

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