Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spam, spam, spammity-spam...

I am part of a congo on Hyenacart called Stolen Time Creations. Along with me are Sue of Got Ewe Covered/Legacy Knitting, Meredith of Rainbow's End Designs, LaRee of LaRee's Candles, and Ruthann of Queen of Creativity.

We are stocking today! Sue is stocking some cute, cute woolies. Meredith is stocking some awesome diaper sets, and a few other mama-type things. LaRee is stocking candles, and a sweet little tart burner that I may have to snatch up myself, LOL! Ruthann is sitting this one out. I am stocking stitch markers, cell phone dangles, and some bracelets & earrings. I'm going to add a few things that won't preview, as well, like a custom stitch marker set, and possibly a mama necklace. :)

Check us out!


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